About Us

About Us

Local Solutions for Global Operations

At CDS we are known for being specialists to deliver exceptional online experiences for your team and your customers in China.

In today’s digital world, slow or unreliable online experiences can be harmful and even destructive to day to day operation. Your cloud-based applications, online marketing outreach, streaming content have to be accessible by the end users in a fast and reliable manner.

While common approaches such as SD-WAN or CDN are proven to be effective in most parts of the world, in China the national firewall has made all these approaches futile. Plainly speaking, it just doesn’t work.

CDS’s unique Global Interconnected Cloud was developed to help deliver any type of digital content to this region by leveraging our GPN (Global Private Network) , full stack service with best in class service and support around the globe.

Fast and Reliable Global Private Network

Through decades of efforts, CDS has built a very unique cross border GPN (Global Private Network) throughout China, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

CDS has 8TB capacity and 10G/100Gb private backbone connected to 18 GIC data centers. With CDS’s robust infrastructure anyone can easily send traffic over our GPN bypassing all the internet congestions around the world, especially in the most congested mainland China.

Full Stack Solutions

Telecommunication and IP services are a highly regulated industry in China. CDS is the only company who is licensed by MIIT (Chinese Ministry Of Industry and Information Technology) to offer all five categories of services: Private Line, Internet Access, Data Center service, Domestic VPN and CDN.

Based on CDS’s enterprise tier infrastructure, we offer various turn-key solutions that help just about any industry sector. These include but are not limited to - Manufacturing, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences, e-learning, Gaming / Streaming. These solutions add value to our customers by assisting in website acceleration (Mirror Hosting), cross boarder file transmission and live streaming (ChinaEdge) as well as premium internet services (Global DIA).

White Glove Services

Deploying and maintaining services in China can be a bit challenging.

CDS offers “white glove” services including full rack and stack services, remote hands, trouble shooting, logistic, cabling and more.

The CDS support team assigns dedicated members for each account. Our English-speaking support staff are highly trained industry specific subject matter experts. They work hand in hand with our account team to remain closely engaged with our customer’s needs. The CDS team is highly committed to providing unrestricted technical support to our customer at all times on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

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