Bare Metal

Enterprise Bare Metal Services

Critical workloads that need full processing capacity are not always achievable with virtualization. Designed to facilitate large-scale deployment and management, CDS Enterprise bare metal services specialize in high performance machines over premium connectivity that give users confidence migrating their mission critical service from on-premise to our next generation bare metal solutions.

Offered in flexible terms and a pay-as-you-go model, CDS Enterprise Bare Metal Services are made affordable and accessible with zero upfront investment so that users can focus on growing their business with a minimum risk.

There are many bare metal servers in the market. If you are looking for a best value high performance provider with premium networking infrastructure, look no further.

Key differentiators of our service are:

Premium Internet Access

If latency and network features are important for you, look no further.

With emphasis in networking, CDS offers premium internet services at all of our data center locations; Peered with over 200 ISP globally and central exchanges in different regions, we offer ultra-low latency connectivity to cover the whole region.

CDS’s networking architecture is designed with high redundancy, with at least three carrier diverse lines, and automatic failover mechanisms, we guarantee 99.9% availability.

We also support flexible network planning and configurations in different scenarios; such as preset/non-preset network ranges, subnet segments, routing strategies and network intercommunication with virtual machines.

China Optimized Routing services offers low latency zero packet loss connectivity to extend your service coverage into China.

Global Locations

CDS offers Bare metal services at 17 worldwide locations. Integrated with the GIC platform (Global Interconnected Cloud), users can activate and manage their bare metal servers within minutes at any of our worldwide locations.

Our Global Private Network (GPN) covers 17 nodes in mainland China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. This on-demand layer-2 network offers tremendous convenience in deploying services like GEO-Disaster Recovery or other bulk data transmission applications between locations.

High Performance

If you are searching for highly reliable cutting-edge hardware for your mission critical services, look no further.

Our Enterprise Bare Metal Services are based on X86 architecture, with upgrade options to support GPU based AI computing, picture rendering, and FPGA-based large-scale graphics processing clusters.

Local SSD data disks are included in all of our standard offerings to provide high IO performance. When upgraded with NVMe data disks, our service offers up to a million IOPS rates for the high demand database use scenarios.

The chart below listed some of our standard inventories. Contact us if you do not see your configuration. We will be glad to provide customized configurations for your projects.

Powerful Management Platform For Large Scale Deployment

We go beyond the traditional physical machine management model and build a new gen integrated management console for our clients.

Leveraging the VMWare based public cloud platform, users may create, start and stop servers, customize templates, modify IP, and manage credentials on the GIC portal. The system is designed to support large scale automatic deployment of hundreds of physical servers on the console.

OpenAPIs are provided to allow customers to integrate CDS bare metal servers with their existing infrastructure forming a cohesive NOC environment.

Users will have access to the monitoring and alarm platform that reports CPU, memory, hard disk performance and network traffic in real time once the server is activated.

VMware Private Cloud

CDS Private cloud can be built on our bare metal servers. As a VCPP partner of VMWare, CDS offers VMWare based enterprise grade Private Cloud in all our data centers.

CDS Private Cloud is a turn-key life cycle management service that oversees management, maintenance, operation and updating of the private cloud.

Through virtualization of the hardware components, Private Cloud solution offers increasing efficiency and data security.

Integrated to the GIC platform with full access to CDS GPN (Global Private Network), CDS Private Cloud services can easily span to multiple server locations or leased space in international colocation facilities.

Key benefits of CDS Private Cloud offerings:

· Fast Delivery On-Demand Terms

· Dedicated Hardware

· Physically Isolated Cluster

· High Security

· Flexible networking features

· Life Cycle Service

· Low Capital Expenses

· Hybrid Architecture Capable

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