Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting In China

Throughout recent years, the benefit on scalability, reliability and cost of public cloud are widely acknowledged. But lunching a ultimate cloud based solution to also address the concerns of privacy and maintaining control over data security still remains unresolved.

Some organizations, due to the nature of their business, are required to maintain direct control over their vital data in a private architecture. Furthermore, many enterprises found it against their internal policies to host proprietary information on public clouds operated by a foreign provider. In fact, data security is one most prominent IT operational concern for global enterprises in China.

Many global enterprises choose dedicated hosting. Though the data security is fully protected by this approach, the operation is often frustrating as their servers are slow to access from locations outside of China. DevOp teams constantly face challenges transmitting data to and from servers located in China.

Having the deep understanding of the situation, CDS offers Hybrid Hosting to address the concerns over security without compromising benefits of scalability and flexibility.

Our Hybrid Cloud enables critical data, assets, and operations to continue residing on the private cloud. Whilst organizations can leverage the expansive power of cloud computing to quickly and efficiently increase their operational capacity.

Coupled with CDS Global Interconnected Cloud, the Hybrid Hosting service will allow IT staff to optimize the network; hence, minimizing latency which in turn, facilitate data transmission between global locations.For more information about GIC, please seeLocation.

Customer can fully leverage the GPN (Global Private Network) to build the edge computing architectures to further increase speed and locate crucial services proximal to end users.

With over 18 years of experience in IDC operations, CDS has helped numerous large enterprise users to migrate their IT infrastructure from dedicated servers to our highly elastic hybrid architecture.

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