NetEx provide a valued-added service to optimize global network in China


Problems with regular DIA in China (China DIA)

IT managers in China face challenges that are unique to this specific country. Regular China DIA service offers very limited access to global resources such as Google, Office 365, Salesforce and other cloud-based ERP systems.

If you already have local DIA at your office in China, CDS can help optimize your network using a fast and stable connection with access to global resources; requiring no major changes to your current network architecture.

What NetEx Does

NetEx is a network optimization service offered to businesses in China to improve existing DIA services and allow uninterrupted access to global resources. NetEx implements an intelligent routing rule to separate international traffic from China domestic traffic. The international traffic will be delivered on CDS’ global network for direct access to all global resources. China domestic traffic will be routed to the existing DIA carrier.

NetEx provide a valued-added service to optimize global network

Easy to deploy and cost effective, NetEx provides offices in mainland China fast, stable international Internet connectivity to Cloud based services such as G-Suite, Office 365, Slack, Team viewer and more.

CDS will offer a CPE device connecting with existing ISP.

Easy to deploy and No need for building permit.

Customers may also check Global DIA service to compare the two solutions.

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