Premium Internet Routing

China’s Internet Challenge

With the largest e-Commerce market and the fastest growing economy in the world, China’s market is the elephant in the room. Too big to be ignored by any international, but difficult to break into successfully.

An online approach is often unsuccessful because of the restrictions created by the Great Firewall. Since its creation, the GFW has been a major bottleneck for Internet traffic in and out of mainland China. Packets bounce back and forth from Hong Kong to Singapore to Seoul to Tokyo and back, trying to find a portal in the firewall. This convoluted route causes delays of thousands of milliseconds and often results in packet losses as high as 30%. To compete online, many international businesses have elected to host web servers in China, but not every company is prepared to spend the time and effort needed to meet the governmental requirements necessary for hosting a website in China. All business websites hosted in China (for e-commerce) are required to obtain and ICP Registration Number. To apply for an ICP registration, the company must be registered in China with a physical office location and a Chinese citizen as a legal representative.

Not every business has the depth, budget, or desire for the lengthy and costly registration process and many companies attempt to host outside of mainland China. The downsides to this approach include site blockage, slow access times, and poor SEO rankings by Chinese search engines.

CDS PIR is the perfect solution for businesses who wish to extend their footprint in China but are not ready to commit the resources needed to host in mainland China.

CDS Premium Internet Routing

PIR significantly improves the speed at which users in China can access servers located outside of China. With PIR, Internet traffic is directed through a dedicated gateway, in effect bypassing the congestion. The result is a guaranteed SLA of up to 99.9% availability that is unaffected by the time of the day, or the amount of public Internet traffic.

Legal and easy to deploy, PIR is a proven solution for improving online performance in China without an ICP Registration. Currently, CDS provides PIR out of data center hubs in Frankfort, Tokyo, Dallas, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We continually updating the Internet offerings in our data centers, so for the most up to date list check our website or contact the CDS sales team.


The customer’s website was monitored by a third-party monitoring service provider before and after deployment of CDS’ PIR. The monitoring probe resides in China. Before CDS’ PIR was deployed, the company’s website suffered an average of 16% downtime daily or 4 hours daily. The network latency was not stable, and the customer experienced poor quality of service.

After deploying PIR, the users in China experienced less downtime and web service was much more stable. Page loading time was reduced to 3 seconds. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.