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Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-ups

What would you do with free Cloud hosting for a year?

CDS Global Cloud’s Pay-It-Forward program helps start-ups follow their dream.

Qualify as a start-up and receive Cloud hosting on one (or 2) of our VMs for one year – free!

We believe in you!

Our free Cloud hosting program allows start-up businesses and developers the power to develop and experiment for free for 1 year!  Send your dream across the US, to Europe or Asia! With CDS’ Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-Ups the world is yours to create, innovate and conquer!

When your dream becomes a reality and you’re ready to grow, CDS Global Cloud will be there to help you build with our lightening fast network and global Cloud hosting!


  • 2 Cores (VM) (Choose one location or split between 2 VMs – your choice!)
  • 2G RAM
  • 60G SSD
  • 5Mbps dedicated bandwidth with unlimited traffic
  • Complete console access

*Offer does not include cost of IP address or public bandwidth

Ready to Get Started?

Send us an email using the button on the right – someone will be in touch with you shortly about starting your free trial!

Pay-It-Forward FAQ’s

What’s the difference between your Start-up program and Test Drive program?

The CDS Global Cloud Test Drive is for the customer looking for an alternative provider for Cloud compute resources.  Our Test Drive is an opportunity for these customers to explore our resources. It is a chance for them to see for themselves what we offer: an agile, scalable infrastructure and our own secure, high-speed fiber optic network (GPN).  Different industries have different needs. Feel free to challenge the CDS Cloud platform in those areas where you demand the most of your Cloud provider.

Simply download the Test Drive Application form requesting the resources you would like to test. Email us at

We will reply within 24 hours and your Test Drive account will be set up within three business days.

The Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-ups Program is designed to build long term partnerships with budget challenged start-up companies such as game or app developers. We want to hear your story and help you succeed!

How do I qualify for the Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-ups Program?

Simply email us at and tell us a little about you and your dream. An Account Manager will follow up with you within 24 hours.

What do I get with CDS’ Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-ups?


  • 2 Cores (VM) (Choose one location or split between 2 VMs – your choice!)
  • 2G RAM
  • 60G SSD
  • 5Mbps GPN dedicated bandwidth with unlimited traffic
  • Complete console access

*Offer does not include cost of IP address or public bandwidth

Do I pay anything during the Start-up trial?

No – the trial is absolutely free. The only cost to you is the cost of any IP address or public bandwidth.

How do monitor my usage?

You can monitor your usage with our Console.  It’s easy to use and will let you know exactly what your usage is.

What do I need in order to sign up?

To sign up you need to fill our Request Form and email it to us.  We will need your company information and a brief business plan.

Why do I need to provide a credit card and phone number?

We use the phone number for SMS verification and the credit card for identity verification. We want to make sure you are not a robot! We will NOT bill anything on your credit card without your explicit permission.

What happens if I want to expand my VM?

If you wish to expand your allotted resources, you may open a prepaid account. Our billing is always pay-per-minute so you will only be charged for the resources that exceed your Program limit.

What happens with the services I created after the 1 year Start-up trial ends?

At that time, you need to either add funds to your account or transfer your data to a different host. All matured trial accounts without sufficient funds will be deactivated and data will be deleted.

Can I extend my free year?

No. Sorry! Technicians like to get paid.

How can I cancel my Start-up trial?

Simply go to the Console, select the subscription, and delete it.

Can I select any data center for my Start-up trial?

Yes. You can chose any one of our data centers or you can split the trial offer between any two of our global data center locations.

Why is my credit card being charged $1 for signing up for the Pay-It-Forward 4 Start-up trial?

To ensure a valid credit card, CDS Global Cloud will charge your credit card $1 when you sign up for our Pay-It-Forward free trial. This is only an authorization hold, the charge will be reversed within 3-5 business days.

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