CDS Global Cloud Recommends V-IEPL

Small and medium enterprises with offices in China who need a secure, reliable, yet cost-effective connection between China and one or more locations anywhere in the world should consider V-IEPL, as it is more reliable than VPN and more budget friendly than an international private line.

Starting from $500 per month, V-IEPL provides a reliable and secure connection from your office in China to anywhere in the world via our Global Private Network (GPN).

V-IEPL connects you

V-IEPL dynamically connects your office locations to satellite offices in China as a single, private network utilizing CDS’ GPN and IEPL technologies.

Benefits of V-IEPL

Fast, easy deployment

Flexible and easily expands as business needs grow

Lower capital and operational expenses

Highly reliable

Data encryption applicable

CDS currently offers V-IEPL services in over 16 data centers around the world including Beijing, Wuxi, GuangZhao, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will our users in China be able to connect automatically to the Internet without logging in?
Q. Is this service for 1 user or 1 connection? We need to share with users.
Q. Do we need to purchase the device for connecting CDS Global Cloud? if yes, what is the cost?
Q. Roaming Users - can users work remotely? Is there any solution to provide them access to the office network?
Q. What protocol does CDS’ VPN support?
Q. Do you provide static IP?