“CDS cloud servers are so high-performing and reliable that not only our web servers and applications run smoothly as silk, but also our database servers which are very demanding.”  

Xiao Chen, Operations and Maintenance Dir., Cheetah Mobile

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CDS Data Center Locations

CDS Global Cloud has data center locations all around the world – find the location nearest to you below, and click the corresponding “Buy Now” button to learn more about pricing in your region.

CDS Global Cloud Dallas Data Center

United States

Dallas: Dallas is the main headquarters of CDS Global Cloud and serves as a central node for trans-American network traffic and a business mecca for multiple industries.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles serves Silicon Valley as well as Asia easily; allowing business to expand internationally as well as nationally.

New York City: New York City is a major business hub serving financial institutions and corporations; CDS Global Cloud connects them to partners and marketplaces worldwide.

CDS Cloud hosting Tokyo Data Center


Tokyo: CDS’ Tokyo data center is located at Equinix TY4, which handles than 90% of Japan’s internet traffic.  Operated by Equinix, considered a top class data center specialist, TY4 is one of two data centers receiving LEED gold certification in Japan. In addition to servicing CDS Global Cloud, TY4 also serves Google and Microsoft.

CDS Colocate Data Center


Singapore: Adjacent to the Malacca Strait, Singapore has become the internet traffic hub connecting Asia with Europe and Oceania. CDS’ Singapore data center is also operated by Equinix, a leader in the global data center operations.

CDS Beijing Zhaowei Data Center


Beijing: The capital city of China and the second most populous with over 22 million people. It is also the most developed and prosperous city in China; home to more Global Fortune 500 companies than any city in the world. Its international and domestic networks give Beijing an edge in solving the unique north and south interconnection problem within China; allowing it the highest network penetration in China. CDS operates 3 data centers in Beijing:

Zhaowei – designated as a National Disaster Recovery Center and located inside the 4th ring

Yangqiao –  located in the southwest suburb of Beijing in the Beijing Telecom building

Shangdi – located in the northern section of Beijing

GuangZhou – located in the heart of the city and only 5 ms to Hong Kong

CDS server 4


Frankfurt: Geographically located at the center of Europe, Frankfurt is the largest transportation hub and financial center in Germany and serves as the central network node of the European continent. Its sophisticated IT infrastructure and network facilities provide excellent coverage of Europe.

Hong Kong Equinix

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Our Hong Kong facility is located in one of the 4 Equinix data centers and is strategically situated in one of Asia’s busiest centers for international finance and trade. Known worldwide for their operational reliability an Equinix data center average uptime is >99.9999% and designed with N+1 redundancy. Our Hong Kong data center also offers connections to 85+ network service providers.



Taipei L.Y.:  Located in the Chief Telecom complex, CDS has carrier-grade facilities and networking resources reaching throughout Asia. In addition, Chief Telecom is now the IntereXchange center for the majority of IXC (Inter-eXchange Carrier) and submarine cable operators (i.e. Qwest, FLAG, SingTel, MCI, FT, NTT, etc.) providing a platform for e-business and networking for the Greater China area.



AMS-IX: The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is an Internet exchange point situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. AMS-IX was started in 1994 and is a fast-growing, non-profit, neutral and independent peering point. It is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. CDS is proud to be selected as a member.



CDS’ Dubai data center is located in Equinix DX1, a focal point for connectivity inside and outside the MENA region, and the world’s first network-neutral aggregation point, with offshore and onshore zones offering the most dense and diverse regional and international interconnectivity.

 Coming Soon:

Mumbai, India • Sydney, Australia • Sao Paulo, Brazil


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