Discover China

Internet Access to China

China is the largest online population in the world, but competing successfully in China can be challenging.

To succeed, you need a partner that understands the complexities of China and the difficulties that foreign companies face – you need CDS and Capital Online Data Services. CDS provides reliable, low-latency Internet access to China for companies needing fast, secure connectivity to offices, customers, or manufacturing facilities as well as Cloud hosting in CDS’ enterprise-level data centers. With data centers across the globe and over 50 data centers in mainland China, CDS is the provider of choice for international companies expanding into China.

Development Process

Our CDS Discover China program provides foreign companies with the tools they need to be as efficient as they could anywhere in the world. With CDS you have the solutions you need to succeed:

Mirror Hosting

CDS routes Internet traffic into mainland China via our dedicated GPN through the firewall effectively mirroring your centralized server on our proxy servers in Beijing. The results – no more site blockage, PLT improves dramatically, and SEO ranking by Baidu improves – all without disruption or risk to the central host.

With over 50 data centers in China, CDS can provide a reliable, fully virtualized Cloud platform with a hybrid, colocation, or dedicated hosting abilities, SSD+SAS+SATA Cloud storage, and dedicated network capabilities. Our CDN network is comprised of over 500 acceleration nodes in mainland China reached more than 95% of the population and connects to all the national Tier 1 carriers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Education Network, Great Wall Broad Net, and 10 additional regional Tier 2 carriers.

If you are new to China and need assistance with ICP Registration (Beian Number) our office in China will be glad to help. We will even waive the hosting fees while your registration is being processed. For more details on the steps to obtain and ICP Registration, download our white paper here.

Regardless of your hosting choice, CDS clients have access to CDS.