19 Jun 2017

CDS Opens GuangZhou Data Center

Guangzhou Data Center

CDS announces the opening of their 16th Globally Interconnected Cloud (GIC) data center in GuangZhou, China on June 16, 2017. GuangZhou is the third largest city in China with a population of over 12 million people and serves as a major port and transportation hub.  The location specifically allows for rapid, reliable access throughout southern China and low latency connectivity to Hong Kong.

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14 Jun 2017

CDS Welcomes Advantage Communications Group!

Advantage Communications Group

CDS Global Cloud is excited to announce the addition of Advantage Communications Group to their international partner program. Advantage Communications Group is a leading provider of telecom, IT and Cloud solutions for business customers worldwide, helping customers who rely on their IT infrastructure customize visibility and reporting of all their telecom, cloud and mobility data. Partnering with CDS gives Advantage’s global base of clients and partners access to the full range of CDS Global Cloud’s data center, cloud, and connectivity offerings throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

“CDS Global Cloud’s services are a great option for our growing international client base, especially those with connectivity needs in mainland China,” stated Jesse Bernstein-Ansaldi, Director of International Sales for Advantage. “We have been impressed with both CDS’ innovative solution set and the dedication and professionalism of their entire team.”

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24 Mar 2017

CDS Opens Dubai Data Center


CDS’ announces the opening of their latest data center in Dubai, UAE. With the infrastructure complete, the data center is scheduled to be operational the last week of March 2017.  The addition of Dubai brings the total number of CDS’ Globally Interconnected Cloud (GIC) data centers to fifteen. CDS also owns an additional 50+ data centers in mainland China.

CDS’ Dubai data center is located in Equinix DX1, a focal point for connectivity inside and outside the MENA region, and the world’s first network-neutral aggregation point, with offshore and onshore zones offering the most dense and diverse regional and international interconnectivity.

CDS Dubai is partnering with local carrier Du and is part of the UAE-IX exchange.  With Global Private Network (GPN) connections to Frankfurt and Singapore, the addition of the Dubai location will significantly improve the connectivity between Asia and Europe.

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15 Mar 2017

Channel Partners – Las Vegas



Channel Partners Conference & Expo
April 10 – 13
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas
Booth 141

Take a Chance on Something Good with CDS Global Cloud, Booth 141!
Join us at Channel Partners and see how CDS can help you expand your digital footprint into China. Contact us for more information on options and solutions.

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25 Jan 2017

Game Developers Conference 2017


Game Developers Conference
Mar. 1 – 3
Moscone Center, San Francisco
Booth 2334

The GDC attracts over 27,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

The conference also features the annual Independent Games Festival, the longest-running and largest festival relating to independent games worldwide, where original games compete for the attention of the publishing community


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25 Jan 2017

Casual Connect – Berlin


Casual Connect – Berlin
Feb. 7 – 9
Station Berlin, Berlin
Booth 408

Please join CDS Global Cloud for the largest professionals-only games conference in Europe. Set in Berlin’s historic STATION Berlin, Casual Connect Europe 2017 will mark the event’s 12th European edition.

Casual Connect Europe attracts thousands of developers and publishers with insightful speakers, interesting and influential industry insiders.

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23 Jan 2017
12 Dec 2016

China’s New Cybersecurity Law


Background Info

The first draft of the Cybersecurity Law was released in July 2015. On July 5, 2016, China’s National People’s Congress (“NPC”) released a revision of the Cybersecurity Law for public comment. The revised draft contains several significant changes, but many of the provisions from the first draft that raised concerns among multinational companies, especially those in the tech sector, remain. The new Cybersecurity Law means strict new rules for foreign companies doing business in China and has the potential to discriminate against foreign technologies in favor of domestic industry.


What and who it effects:

  • Network product and service providers, operators*: These companies are now required to censor any information deemed ‘critical’ or ‘banned’ and demand real name registration for any user of services like instant messaging.
  • All personal information for citizens in China and any business data deemed ‘important’ must be stored on storage devices inside mainland China. The terms are vague enough to apply to a wide variety industries and a wide variety of data. Any data transmitted outside of China by any entity must first be reviewed and approved.
  • All network transmissions must be monitored and “network security incidents” are required to be reported. The company, service provider, or operator is then required to give “technical support” to help in an investigation. This might result in authorities access to internal or external communications, etc.
  • The new law also states that no individual will be allowed to use the internet to endanger national security, promote terrorism, spread false information to disturb the economic order, etc. This is a very open-ended regulation and may be interrupted to fit a multitude of situations.


Summary: Regulations most impactful to foreign companies

The 6 primary directives:

  1. Clarify the cyberspace sovereignty principle;
  2. Clarify the security obligation of network product and service providers;
  3. Clarify the security obligation of network product and service operators*;
  4. Further improve personal information protection rule;
  5. Establish the Critical Information Infrastructure security protection system;
  6. Establish the cross-border data transmission rules of important data on Critical Information Infrastructure.

Click here for an overview of the pertinent Articles and the Critical Information Infrastructure

Click here for a complete translation of China’s new Cybersecurity Law by the American Chamber of Commerce – China

One of the main challenges the new Cybersecurity Law brings is the requirement that data be stored in mainland China. That coupled with the common practice of multinational companies to centralize their IT infrastructure outside of China. Rebuilding an IT infrastructure in China from scratch is not practical, nor is it feasible to “move everything to China”.

If this is your dilemma, CDS has the solution.  We can provide an easy to deploy, low impact, and fully legitimate solution. Contact us for details.

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27 Oct 2016
27 Oct 2016

Capital Online Technology Hosts Technology Symbiosis Summit 2016

Beijing, China

Oct. 26, 2016


Beijing – With the migration from the Information Technology era into the Data Technology era, the Internet has become a utility, cloud computing has become a public service and data becomes a core strategic resource. The ever expanding growth of network connections has made Cloud computing possible on a global scale and requires connecting global strategic data a necessity.

Capital Online has a reliable, robust network infrastructure which by design was focused on IaaS.  The development of our proprietary Global Integrated Cloud Platform (GIC) connected through our Global Private Network (GPN) to achieve interconnectivity worldwide .

In keeping with ‘Technology Symbiosis’ as the 2016 Summit theme, Capital Online launched a line of strategic thinking based on Cloud integration throughout the marketplace.  The evolution of global Cloud coverage is the advantageous symbiosis of markets.  In vertical markets the objective would be the coordination of  PaaS and SaaS layer providers; in the horizontal markets the emphasis would be the migration of traditional IDC enterprises.

Capital Online has always believed virtualization technology will transform traditional IDC enterprise data centers into more competitive, less capital-intense sectors.


Attendees included representatives from more than sixteen market leaders including:


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