CDS Global Cloud is cloud computing at its best with an integrated private network spanning the globe, an agile infrastructure, minimal latency, large bandwidth and built-in redundancy. Whatever your needs – Cloud Hosting, Hybrid Hosting, Colocation – we provide industry leading performance and a flexible, scalable level of service at a cost that can’t be matched.

GIC Global Integrated Cloud

Our dedicated Layer 2 connections between the locations provide our clients with real-time network topological display and visualized management of their global network. Our data centers were developed to meet the most stringent financial requirements and with 100% redundancy.

Automated GIC platform made it easier than ever to deploy your cloud solution. Simply choose the infrastructure you need, the location you want, and the system is available within 5 minutes. Changing the resources required is just as easy. With no appointment and no fees, you can log onto the GIC dashboard to scale up or down according to your business needs.

  • Industry leading Hitachi CB500 Blade Servers
  • High performance Intel E5-2690 V3 CPU
  • 40Gb network interface between computing nodes
  • Double 8Gb FC interface with high-end storage
  • 1 blade per cluster additional redundancy

  • Stable and reliable, financial grade FC cloud storage
  • Zero data loss for five consecutive years
  • Elastic bandwidth from 1G to 2T per hard disk
  • 30000 IOPS
  • All SSD Storage available in selected locations. Contact our Sales Department for details.
  •  Low cost Objective Storage available in selected locations. Contact our Sales Department for details.

  • 60000+ km of fiber optic network worldwide
  • Global MPLS Backbone
  • Real-time topology network display
  • Premium inter-regional Internet transmission
  • Visualized network management

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