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Note: This product is available only for wholesale purchase.

Whether you are a wholesale carrier, a cloud services provider, or a content delivery network operator, CDS Global Cloud’s Premium IP Transit service delivers the high-performance Internet connectivity that your customers require.

CDS Global Cloud’s PoPs are located in the world’s leading data centers, ensuring seamless Internet service on a global basis. Our network maintains extensive peering relationships with other major global carriers and access providers to ensure Premium IP Transit traffic reaches its intended destination quickly and efficiently.


Access China Network

The Internet gateway for all Internet traffic between China and the rest of the world is controlled by the Chinese government, basically making the Internet of China an Intranet. A handful of state-owned carriers has a monopoly on the Internet connectivity through the Firewall resulting in Internet traffic that is unpredictable, unreliable, and extremely expensive.



Monitoring an AWS EC2 server in the U.S. from mainland China, powered by Monitis™


The graph above shows the unstable page load time of an AWS EC2 server located on the west coast of the U.S. Note that during the peak Internet hours the response time of the AWS EC2 frequently exceeds 1000ms and reaches times in excess of 5000ms. At speeds this slow, the network quality will drop significantly and users in China may experience downtime. Research shows that when a server’s response time exceeds 4000ms, the customer frequently loses patience and leaves the website.



Monitoring a server inside CDS’ network in the US from mainland China, powered by Monitis™


In contrast, the server inside CDS’ network shows less fluctuation and maintains a page load time of under 600ms – significantly less than the 8529ms maximum shown in the AWS EC2 graph. CDS Global Cloud’s Premium IP Transit can provide your customers a fast, stable connection in China minimizing the effect of China’s Great Firewall.


High Reliability Guaranteed by Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our carrier-grade SLA covers not only the initial provisioning and daily availability of the port, but also the performance level of key service parameters. Should CDS Premium IP Transit ever underperform, our SLA provides service credits of up to 100% of your monthly fee.

  • Network Availability 99.99%
  • Service Availability > 99.9%
  • Average Network Latency
  • Hong Kong – mainland China < 50 ms
  • Singapore – mainland China < 80 ms
  • Asia (Intra-Asia ) < 150 ms
  • Europe – Asia < 240 ms
  • Transatlantic < 90 ms
  • Transpacific < 130 ms


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Benefits and Features

  • 99.99% reliability guaranteed by SLA
  • Burstable bandwidth (95th percentile billing)
  • Aggregate commit across multiple ports
  • 1GigE, 10GigE, 100Gigs
  • Specialist expertise in the demanding gaming and academic segments
  • IPv4/IPv6 dual stack with full feature parity between IPv4 and IPv6
  • Blackhole capabilities that enhance the security and reduce malicious traffic
  • Path diversity
  • Low latency routes
  • BGP – included at no extra charge.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 on the same connection – included at no extra charge.
  • Single AS worldwide – simpler global routing, provisioning, and service.
  • Flexible Billing – Burstable or Flat Rate
  • Rapid Turnaround Capability – if you can get a cross-connect to a core node we can bring you live!Ability to grow with you.


Locations and Availability

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Find Out More About CDS Premium IP Transit!

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