CDS’ Global Private Network (GPN)

Experience LAN Connectivity Anywhere and Everywhere

“CDS’ GPN is the most reliable and the cheapest dedicated line on the market – in or out of China. Period.”

Lin Jiang, Vice President of IT,

     No long-term contracts                   

scalable    Easily scale up or down

Flexible        99.9% SLA

Elastic     Elastic

Our Global Private Network (GPN) provides customers with reliable LAN connections to their multiple sites without regard to physical location. GPN connections are made possible by a high-performance redundancy ring architecture developed by exclusively by CDS over a number of years. With GPN your data flows securely among our cloud nodes worldwide providing you with all the benefits of cloud computing in an instant.

The SLA uptime of the CDS network is 99.9% and every CDS Data Center is always connected with more than one Tier I carrier to provide the highest in fault tolerance.  CDS interconnects are through Layer 2 Private networks, delivering flexible cloud-connectivity seamlessly.

CDS clients can increase bandwidth in 5 Mbps increments in less than a minute. Or, downscale just as easily—whenever business fluctuations demand. Scale up or down, it’s that simple.

The flexibility that delivers our elastic GPN connectivity means a cost-effective answer transferring large quantities of data, when using high-performance applications, or answer business fluctuations. Concerned about time-based workloads, or disaster recovery situations? CDS GPN elastic connectivity is the answer.


Check out our latency chart below. With our GPN data transmission is rapid and reliable!

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CDS Global Cloud GPN Latency Time (ms)

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Expanding into China?  CDS’ GPN provides options:

Mirror Hosting – When page loading time and SEO are critical, Mirror Hosting is the answer.  Mirror Hosting significantly increases website performance and user experience by providing:

Page Load Times < 3 seconds
Local IP addresses

The result? SEO rankings by Chinese search engines such as Baidu are greatly improved creating greater visibility and allowing foreign sites to compete with:

No redesign of websites
No loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs
Complete compatibility with Google fonts and analytics


V-IEPLThe answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for developers, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.  

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