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When choosing Internet connectivity for your servers, CDS offers a full range of products. Regardless of your Service Level Requirements, use case, or budget, CDS has options to suit your business needs.

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Internet Connectivity in China

CDS offers Internet accessibility with direct BGP peering to all four Tier 1 carriers in mainland China as well as all local carriers assuring the best and fastest coverage nationwide.  

If you are unfamiliar with China’s Internet you may wonder why BGP peering matters. The Internet infrastructure in China is very different than in the rest of the world. In China, there are only four major providers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and Education Net (CERNET). Despite the enormous demands made by cross-network traffic, these four networks are connected to each other by only three primary access points rather than a full mesh topology like the rest of the world. Due to the limited bandwidth at these access points, cross-network traffic often experiences substantial delays.

Without multi-line BGP, even local Internet traffic would have to go through an access point which might be thousands of miles away. Over the last 15 years, CDS has developed direct peering agreements with all Tier 1 providers and the local carriers assuring direct connections between carriers.

For example, a China Unicom user can ping a server in the same city on CERNET, and experience up to a 400ms delay. The data must travel on the China Unicom AS to the connecting node which might be a thousand miles away to access CERNET, then travel back on the CERNET sub-network to the server.

With multi-line BGP, the same ping would only take 20-30ms.

Internet Connectivity for China

Available only in CDS data centers inside mainland China:

2-Line BGP 2-Line BGP

2 Line BGP provides cost-effective website access for residential properties, businesses, and office buildings. With 2 Line BGP, Internet connectivity is provided to the two largest Internet providers in China, China Telecom, and China Unicom.


4 Line BGP Peering 4-Line BGP

4-Line BGP provides premier website access for mobile users, education and research institutes, and college campuses in addition to residential properties and businesses.  With interconnectivity to all four Tier1 ISP carriers and the majority of Tier 2 carriers, 4 Line BGP delivers carrier-neutral services nationwide – significantly reducing packet loss and latency.

Global BGP Peeromg  Global BGP

Recommended for any office in mainland China requiring fast, reliable Internet access from China to the world.

Global BGP peering acts as a dedicated international gateway and is designed for use by international enterprises using CDS’ Beijing Data Center as their IT hub. Global BGP provides Internet access from China to anywhere in the world with significantly lower latency and higher availability. A CDS Global BGP peer enabled server can provide reliable access to services such as Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia*.

When Global BGP is assigned to a Virtual Data Center, the host’s IP address is “broadcast” to all AS networks worldwide with direct peering to CDS. All routing requests to the host’s IP addresses are then directly routed to CDS’ network without any searching, forwarding, and transmitting significantly lowering latency.

*Use of Global BGP feature is subject to regulatory approval

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Pricing for BGP

Price per Month (USD)
Route TypePer Mb5Mb10Mb20Mb50Mb100Mb
China Telecom$23.24$116.70$233.40$466.80$1,166.70$2,333.40
2-Peer BGP$40.02$200.10$399.90$800.10$2,000.10$3,999.90
4-Peer BGP$79.98$399.90$800.10$1,599.90$3,999.90$8,000.10

Available in all CDS data centers located outside of mainland China:

China-Optimized BGP Peering  China-Optimized Route

Recommended for international companies who do not host in mainland China, but need their server accessible from mainland China. A server enabled with CDS’ China Optimized Route outside of mainland China will provide faster, more reliable connectivity through the Great Firewall to China.

Currently, our China Optimized Route is offered in the following CDS data centers: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Dallas, Las Angeles, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Dubai.

Leveraging connections to global upstream partnerships and utilizing a wealth of terrestrial and submarine cables, CDS’ China Optimized BGP provides high-speed data transmission with up to 80% latency improvement over the public Internet.

For the latency results from CDS data center locations click here.

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in China

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is designed for businesses in China in need of high-speed Internet.  As a carrier-neutral ISP, CDS’ network is peered with Tier 1 carriers, China Telecom and China Unicom, ensuring secure and high-quality Internet services throughout mainland China.

Customers may add optional international services for access to CDS’ global Internet which provide office access to Google G-Suite and other websites or tools that are not normally available.

Pricing for DIA

(Monthly Recurring)
(Monthly Recurring)
BeijingStarting from USD $1399/MonthStarting from USD $2798/Month
Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunshan, Suzhou, NanjingStarting from USD $699/MonthStarting from USD $1299/Month
Shenzhen, DongguanStarting from USD $1850/MonthStarting from USD $3700/Month
Other CitiesPlease contact us for pricing

 About CDS BGP Peeringtemp-graphic

How BGP peering works.

CDS has been operating BGP networks since 1998 and currently holds two numbers: APNIC AS38353 and ARIN AS 63199.  CDS AS 63199 BGP currently peers with more than 1000 network operators worldwide, including the world’s leading Internet exchanges: DE-CIX in Frankfurt, AMS-ix in Amsterdam, and China Telecom’s CN2. The CDS backbone extends throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas providing minimized routing requests and significantly increasing the speed and reliability of our customers’ Internet connectivity. With a dedicated team of network professionals working to expand and maintain our BGP networks, the CDS peering network delivers even the most remote areas in the world to our customers’ doorstep.

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