Premium Internet Routing Prevents Blocked URLs

Premium Internet Routing* (PIR) is an optimized Internet access service for international enterprises wishing to enhance their digital footprint in mainland China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region without actually hosting in China.

With a dedicated path and the lowest latency routes, PIR provides enterprises with premium access to the world’s most extensive Chinese Internet Information Centers and hundreds of millions of Internet subscribers.

Everyone knows that restricted access through the Great Firewall results in a significant bottleneck for Internet traffic in and out of mainland China. Packets bounce back and forth from Hong Kong to Singapore to Seoul to Tokyo and back, trying to find an opening in the firewall. This convoluted route causes delays of thousands of milliseconds and often results in packet losses as high as 30%. With PIR, Internet traffic is routed directly through a dedicated gateway in the Firewall with a guaranteed SLA of 99.9% availability and is unaffected by the time of day or the amount of Internet traffic.


Comparison of full page load times in mainland China between Digital Ocean’s East Coast data center, AWS’ West Coast data center, and CDS’ Dallas TX data center. The red dots indicate downtime.

To watch a real-time demonstration of Premium Internet Routing for CDS’ Dallas data center as it compares to AWS’ West Coast data center and Digital Ocean’s East Coast data center.  Click here.

Note the performance of AWS and DO are severely affected by the time of the day and overall traffic flow on the Internet, but the performance of CDS’ data center is very consistent and reliable.

During times of peak Internet traffic, the benefit of PIR is even more significant.

*Currently available in selected data center locations only. Contact us for details.

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