Mirror Hosting is recommended for:

Any international companies with a client-server architecture in which one or more remote client offices are located in mainland China.



ICP Registration is required.  Assistance with ICP Registration is available to all customers hosting with CDS anywhere in the world – free of charge. (Please note: the Chinese government requires a local representative with a Chinese phone number and address in order to apply for ICP Registration.)


What Mirror Hosting Does:

In today’s business staying connected isn’t just important, it’s critical – CDS Mirror Hosting is the answer.   When your user is a continent away in mainland China, reliable Internet access is a challenge.  CDS Mirror Hosting provides fast, stable Internet connectivity to mainland China from anywhere in the world utilizing our Global Private Network (GPN) and significantly improves user experience with dynamic and static caching and faster page loading times.

Experience secure, reliable connectivity, and fast site access from any location in China regardless of the geographical distance.


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How It Works

CDS’ data centers throughout China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, the UAE, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are interconnected via our fiber optic Global Private Network (GPN)This same GPN extends through the Firewall into Mainland China providing a fast, secure network with low latency and zero packet loss.

Utilizing CDS’ GPN, Internet traffic is routed through a secure, dedicated, Layer 2 Internet connection into China bypassing the public Internet congestion of at the Firewall and mirroring the origin server on our proxy servers in Beijing.

 This Global Private Network + Global Interconnected Cloud (GPN+GIC) architecture provides a unique and straightforward solution for companies experiencing poor user connectivity in China.


Mirror Hosting

The Results:

  1. Future site blockage is prevented – permanently
  2. Improved page loading time of <3 seconds per page
  3. SEO ranking by Baidu is significantly improved
  4. There is no disruption to the central server
  5. Third party supporting systems such as Salesforce, Pardot, or Google Analytics are not affected
  6. There is no security risk to the central server


Click here for information on improving  website performance with CDS’ Mirror Hosting solution.

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The Challenges of Mainland China

For foreign Internet traffic download speeds in Mainland China are a major challenge.

Below are a few examples of actual data transmission showing page loading times in China from data centers not located in mainland China. The red dots indicate instances in which the page failed to load.



Your website is in trouble if:

  • Access speed from China to the host is so slow that searches result in: “Server Time Out”, “Cannot Open Page”, or “Domain Name Does Not Exist”
  • Packet loss is 30% or greater
  • Your site is blocked from inside China for unknown reasons
  • Changing the main website IP to get around site blockage only works for short periods
  • Your site has a foreign IP address – Chinese search engines do not rank foreign IP addresses high enough to appear relevant in searches
  • Your page loading time is > 3 seconds per page –  if Chinese search engines determine the page loading speed is too slow they do not rank the site as relevant in searches

CDS Mirror Hosting provides fast, stable Internet connectivity to mainland China from anywhere in the world.

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