V-IEPL is recommended for:

International Enterprises with offices in China with no ICP Registration Number
Developers – Gaming, App, Mobile

ICP Registration is not required.   However, a local Chinese representative with a Chinese phone number and address is required. Assistance with ICP Registration is available to all customers hosting with CDS anywhere in the world – free of charge.


What V-IEPL Does:

V-IEPL dynamically connects your office locations to satellite offices in China as a single, private network utilizing CDS’ GPN and IEPL technologies.

IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) is offered by large telecom carriers to establish point-to-point international connectivity. Operating on the physical layer, it is a reliable and efficient way to offer connectivity between offices. Most importantly, it is not affected by China’s new Cyber Law.

Traditionally, IEPL is regarded as a ‘luxury’ IT solution reserved for large office campuses because of the high monthly cost and the last mile connectivity from the datacenter to offices. It was not considered fiscally practical for smaller businesses or remote offices with small capacity and even smaller IT budget until CDS developed V-IEPL.

Leveraging CDS’ Global Interconnected Cloud platform (GIC), CDS can offer our Virtual IEPL (V-IEPL) solution as an end-to-end, fast-to-deploy solution providing multi-location, high-quality international connectivity at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional IEPL.

V-IEPL is a hybrid network combining the flexibility of VPN and the reliability of IEPL. Using VPN connectivity locally between datacenter to office, V-IEPL connectivity between CDS’ GIC data centers bypasses the public Internet traffic via CDS’ Global Private Network (GPN) establishing a reliable and cost effective international LAN.


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V-IEPL connects offices to China VPN alternative

Benefits of V-IEPL:

  • Fast and Easy Deployment
  • Flexible and easily expands as business grows
  • Lowers capital and operational expenses
  • Highly Reliable
  • Data encryption applicable


CDS currently offers V-IEPL services in over 16 data centers around the world including Beijing, Wuxi, GuangZhao, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles.

GPN Latency

CDS Global Cloud GPN Latency Time (ms)
BeijingWuxi ChinaGuangzhouHong KongTaipeiTokyoSingaporeLos AngelesDallasNew YorkFrankfurtAmsterdamDubai
Beijing China25-3035-4035-4060-6555-6070-75175-180195-200240-245260-265270-275170-175
Wuxi China25-3035-4060-6585-9080-8585-90200-205230-235270-275280-285300-305165-170
Guangzhou China35-4035-405-1025-3065-7040-45155-160205-210210-215225-230215-220130-135
Los Angeles175-180200-205155-160135-140160-165120-125190-19540-4570-75145-150140-145275-280
New York240-245270-275210-215225-230250-255175-180245-25070-7535-4075-8070-75220-225


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FAQ About V-IEPL Point-to-Point Internet Access to Offices in China

Q. Will our users in China be able to connect automatically to the Internet without logging in, i.e. through our LAN ports / wireless router devices?

The ‘last mile’ connection from your office to CDS’ Global BGP server is through a VPN connection via IPSec protocol. Follow the instructions for your hardware for configuring a ‘VPN Client’. Once configured, your employees will not need to log-in or dial up.

Q. Is this service for 1 user or 1 connection? We need to share with users.

It is for 10Mbps dedicated bandwidth to be shared between multi locations and users. CDS will provide one public IP address per virtual router, one PreShared Key (PSK), and a user name and password for each user. Or, you may provide user names and passwords to us.

Q. Do we need to purchase the device for connecting CDS Global Cloud? if yes, what is the cost?

Please check the model and feature of your network device. If it supports VPN, you will not need another device. We can provide a device if needed, or you can purchase your own.  The cost would be determined by the device required.

Do we still have to use the public Internet to connect CDS Cloud?

Yes, but only for the ‘last mile’ connection between your offices and CDS’ Virtual Router.

Q. Roaming Users - can users work remotely? Is there any solution to provide them access to the office network?

Yes. Since the last mile is a VPN connection, users can connect to the virtual router via phones and laptop roaming. For simplicity, we can provide an iOS profile your users can install on their devices.

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