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CDS Data Centers for Enterprise Level Cloud

GIC (Global Interconnected Cloud) powered by CDS Global Cloud:

  • Provides a hybrid Cloud solution delivering the highest security, speed, and stability for online accounts
  • Enables fast, secure and reliable cross-border transactions
  • Multi-level backup ensures zero data loss for five consecutive years


All our enterprise level data centers were designed in compliance with the most stringent financial requirements.  CDS sites have a Tier 3 rating with 100% redundancy and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to provide for granular separation of duties between personnel and RADIUS protocol to provide flexibility of authenticating against a variety of sources. In addition, CDS is certified both ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 in information security management and a Microsoft authorized full product line software rental service provider.


Mirror HostingWhen staying connected is critical; Mirror Hosting is the answer.  For the customer who needs both dynamic and static caching, Mirror Hosting provides a secure, reliable connection to mainland China with PLTs of <3 seconds. No redesign of websites, or loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs and completely compatible with Google fonts and analytics.

ICP Registration Number:     Required.  To apply for registration, each company must have a local representative with a local address and phone number.


V-IEPLThe answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for Enterprise, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.

ICP Registration Number:     Not required, but a local representative with a local address and phone number is required.


NetEx – For international companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access to sites blocked by the GFW such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ICP Registration Number:       Not required.

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Our Qualifications

Seamless Integration of Legacy Applications

CDS’ Cloud protects your existing hardware or data center investment by perfectly combining your legacy systems with the power of Cloud computing. You have the option of running some or all of your financial applications on our Cloud servers while allowing legacy systems to continue running on your existing hardware.  Regardless of the configuration, they will work smoothly together to better serve your users and maximize your savings and flexibility.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Cross-Border Transactions

Our multiple data centers are connected with a dedicated Layer 2 network via our GPN technology ensuring your online financial transactions are done in a secure, fast and reliable fashion anywhere in the world.

Zero Data Loss

With data centers throughout the world and over 17 years of network and data center experience you can trust that your financial business is secure with us. We guarantee zero data loss for five consecutive years on the CDS Cloud platform.


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