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Need to expand your market? How about globally?

With CDS’ Cloud the world can be your marketplace.

With CDS Global Cloud your E-commerce sites are guaranteed fast, secure access from anywhere in the world and your elastic demands are easily met by our high-performance platform’s flexible and reliable cloud services. Your e-commerce traffic changes – take the guesswork out with our scalable e-commerce solutions that can grow or shrink with your demands.  CDS’ Cloud e-commerce solution:

  • Supports elastic demands during business fluctuations
  • Delivers fast, secure, reliable access worldwide
  • Guarantees no hassle data exchange between Asia and Europe – at no extra cost
  • Provides customized cloud services designed for the way you do business

With CDS’ Cloud you only pay for what you use.  With our no surprise, no hassle per-the-minute billing you can spend your money where it matters the most – your business.

Rapid Global Access

With 15 distributed CDS’ Cloud nodes throughout the world our GIC provides global buyers and sellers with lightening-fast, smooth access to applications on the nearest Cloud server. Needless to say, cross data center access is a breeze!

Convenient Data Exchange Worldwide

CDS unique GPN connecting multiple data centers worldwide is the key to our Cloud platform’s high quality communications. Your customers never have to wait with our low-latency, high-speed dedicated network.  Together with the CDS platform it has never been easier to efficiently manage your websites and exchange data – locally or worldwide.  Cross-border online shopping becomes simple and enjoyable for both buyers and sellers.

Elastic Demands Met Instantly

During peak sales times, your need for elastic expansion is only a mouse click away with GIC. Instantly deployable CDS’ Cloud servers with our Global Private Network (GPN) enabled saves you money and time that would otherwise be spent on hardware and bandwidth purchase.

Customize Your Cloud

With straightforward, no surprise pricing and outstanding service, CDS’ Cloud is without a doubt your best choice for a cost-effective, international Cloud computing service provider. Within minutes you can increase bandwidth and deploy additional Cloud servers or just as easily decrease your usage. Our per-minute-billing allows you to pay only for what you use and need – no hassle, no surprises.

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Interested in Expanding to China?

Or currently experiencing connectivity issues in China?  CDS has solutions.

Premium Internet Routing (PIR)The solution for the customer who needs fast, secure connectivity to China, without hosting in China.  CDS PIR is the ideal way to test market response without a large commitment or time or money.

ICP Registration Number:       Not required


Mirror HostingWhen staying connected is critical; Mirror Hosting is the answer.  For the customer who needs both dynamic and static caching, Mirror Hosting provides a secure, reliable connection to mainland China with PLTs of <3 seconds. No redesign of websites, or loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs and completely compatible with Google fonts and analytics.

ICP Registration Number:       Required. To apply for registration, each company must have a local representative with a local address and phone number.


NetEx – For international companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access to sites blocked by the GFW such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ICP Registration Number:       Not required.

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