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Gaming and Video

Got a new game or video?

Get ahead of the competition and get worldwide Cloud hosting with CDS’ Cloud.

GIC (Global Interconnected Cloud) powered by CDS Global Cloud has helped spread the online gaming and video industries worldwide with high-performing Cloud computing and professional services. One single game Cloud server can serve more concurrent users than ever before with flexible configuration upgrades and bandwidth expansion. CDS Global Cloud:

  • Delivers cutting-edge Cloud performance and stability
  • Enables rapid deployment worldwide with flexible configuration upgrades and dedicated bandwidth expansion
  • Provides a global Cloud platform supported by a fast, reliable dedicated network
  • Makes world wide Cloud hosting operations cost efficient
  • Delivers real-time online Cloud streaming video playback any where in the world

Rapid Worldwide Deployment

CDS has data centers in the USA, Europe, the UAE, Japan, and Asia with over 50 in mainland China. We offer a self-service Cloud based gaming and video server platform and the freedom to deploy your game anywhere in the world in an hour.  All your Cloud servers will be connected by a fast, secure, fiber-optic network for the best in user experience.

And, if you’re considering the giant online gaming market of mainland China, CDS is the answer.  As the host to over 70% of online games in mainland China. CDS has the experience and infrastructure to support your game.  Whether you are ready to take the plunge or just test the waters, CDS has an option and answers.

Cost Effective Global Game Operations

When you want to test the water with your new game or feature your video in another country/region, you will also want to minimize your costs in R&D, operations and migration.  Fortunately, with CDS platform’s flexibility and super high-performance I/O and computing, your success is just a few mouse clicks away.

Stability and High-Performance

To better tackle modern gaming’s complex data structures, high-volume network operations and high-end computing the CDS platform provides super high-performance computing, storage and networking capabilities. Today’s videos have the same needs for high-performance to provide real-time playback on demand.

Globally Integrated High-Performance Network

CDS’ GPN will provide the Cloud hosting support you need for your online game or video to be a success anywhere in the world. Your operation and maintenance team can efficiently manage multiple data centers providing the same high quality management in every location.

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Our Gaming Solutions for China

Premium Internet Routing (PIR)The solution for the customer who needs fast, secure connectivity to China, without hosting in China.  CDS PIR is the ideal way to test market response without a large commitment or time or money.

ICP Registration Number:       Not required


NetEx – For international companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access to sites blocked by the GFW such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ICP Registration Number:       Not required. 


V-IEPLThe answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for developers, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.

            ICP Registration Number:       Not required, but a local representative with a local address and phone number is required.

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