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Online Education

Learning shouldn’t stop because the classroom has no roof or is 5 time zones away! Cloud hosting turns the classroom on – anytime, anyplace.

Online Education services require flexibility in location and time. CDS’ Cloud responds to these needs with elastic Cloud service that can be instantly available for increased or decreased demands and always billed by the minute with no hassles and no surprises.

GIC (Global Interconnected Cloud) powered by CDS Global Cloud:

  • Extends online learning environments to any location in the world – any time, any place with CDS’ Cloud hosting.
  • Supports flexibility in peak usage times so your students never wait and you only pay for you use
  • Provides fast, reliable global delivery of Cloud hosting services with our reliable, dedicated Global Private Network

Flexible Peak Time Usage

Our 15 global data centers are connected with a large dedicated L2 network powered by our GPN technology.  Your online users will enjoy smooth, reliable interaction in real-time on our stable and secure GPN. Give us a try with our free trial Test Drive! See for yourself what CDS Global Cloud can do!

Quick and Easy Global Deployment

You can define your global network structure and manage your network and computing resources on our self-service platform anytime you want – knowing that within an hour you will be up and running.

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