What Is The Problem? Segregated Multi-CDN

Global CDN content distribution platform has developed vast network containing hundreds of thousands of edge nodes all over the world. However, China market has been left unreached.

Due to national security concerns, content delivery to China is  a highly regulated service. Foreign CDN companies are not licensed to operate in the mainland; therefore, global giants are incapable of providing services that reach beyond HongKong. As a result, they are left with no options but to  rely on their partners in China to distribute to the mainland.

The cross-border CDN is far more complicated than a normal multi-CDN approach in any other region. Traffic through the national firewall via public internet often gets interrupted which results in 30% or higher packet loss entering into mainland China. In addition to packet loss, latency easily goes up to 300ms for a mere 100km in distance.

Integrated multi-CDN becomes Segregated multi-CDN.

What Is The Solution? ChinaEdge™

Bypassing Public internet Congestion By leveraging our GPN (Global Private Network), ChinaEdge™ bridges the traffic from global CDN to mainland China bypassing the congestions on the pubic internet gateways. Non-intrusive To Existing Architecture Integrated with multiple global CDN and China national CDN operators, ChinaEdge™ is a non-intrusive solution to your current architecture and services in production. Keep your resources intact and manage them the way they are, ChinaEdge™ can be deployed as a plug-n-play. Hands-Free Full Service Among our users are digital marketing experts with little IT resources or expertise. ChinaEdge™ is offered as a turn-key service  which includes support from our expert engineers who will arrange from setup to launch.  ChinaEdge™ can be deployed for those companies with minimal IT support.

ChinaEdge™ Use Case By Industry

With Petabytes passing through our GPN (Global Private Network), ChinaEdge™ offers acceleration service to both dynamic contents and static contents in many industries. More information on use cases in different industry can be found from the links below.

ICP Registration

For services involving web pages, ICP registration is required by the government. CDS offers full sponsorship on ICP registration to comply with legal requirements. Check ICP registration for details

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