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Website Performance Issue In China

CDN (Content Delivery Network) has been carrying the mission of website acceleration with great success for over 30 years. After decades of development, CDN carriers have established a sophisticated network with global coverage to accelerate web pages, downloads, applications, live streaming media, over-the-top services all over the world.

Despite the fact that website performance is significantly improved by adopting CDN technology in most regions, there is no viable solution for China market. Common problems users are experiencing includes

  • Webpages cannot open and respond with messages such as “Server Time Out”, “Cannot Open Page”, or “Domain Name Does Not Exist”
  • Websites are blocked by the national firewall for unknown reasons without notification or arbitration. Changing the IP addresses to get around site blockage only works for short period of time.
  • Polluted DNS redirects bad IP addresses to domain names.
  • Chinese search engines Baidu will not rank foreign IP addresses to appear in relevant searches.

Chinese search engines such as Baidu will determine the page loading speed to be too slow and will not rank the web site to be relevant in searches.

The Unprecedented Solution: Mirror Hosting

As the core anchor for all the marketing efforts, the poor performing website is devastating to most businesses.

While some companies choose to rebuild a “lite” version in China, it was not feasible for everybody. When millions are invested to build sophisticated websites with ERP CRM systems and other live data exchange mechanisms at the backend, “lite” version cannot function properly.


CDS Mirror Hosting service is created to resolve the problem permanently.

Developed on our GIC (Global Interconnected Cloud) platform, Mirror Hosting service offers dedicated proxy servers through the layer 2 network.

This architecture will direct the data transmission between users and the origin web servers to go through the secured private link instead of the public internet; therefore, ensuring the security and reliability of contents being delivered.

As a turn-key service, it will render little efforts from the IT team.

Click Here to download the step by step instruction on service setup.

The package includes free ICP registration for legal compliance.

Proven Results

  • Website will have 99% availability in China guaranteed.
  • Sub-Second HTTP/HTTPS response Time.
  • Real time dynamic data such as inventory, price, database updates.
  • Local IP address for Baidu SEO benefits.

Easy deployment and free of maintenance.

Case Study

Leica Microsystems GmbH is a manufacturer of optical microscopes, equipment for the preparation of microscopic specimens and related products. There are ten plants in eight countries with distribution partners in over 100 countries. Leica, like no exception from all global hosted websites, had uptime issue in China all the time. After researching the options in the market, Leica opted for CDS to deploy mirror hosting service to resolve the website problem in China. Prior to starting the project, we setup monitors to have a better understanding of the current situation: Global Benchmark: Uptime: 99.75% Average Response Time: 673.46ms Failures #: 73 China Status Jan 2017: Uptime: 88.31% Average Response Time: 2369.29ms Failures #: 5201 China Status Feb 2017: Uptime: 87.59% Average Response Time: 2107.98ms Failures #: 4999 As indicated above, the performance in China is consistently below the global standard. After deployment on April 17th 2017, the downtime issue has been fundamentally resolved. China Status April 2017 Uptime: 99.84 Average Response Time: 615.93ms Failure: 15 Click Here to download the full report. Regardless of the severity of your website performance in China, Mirror Hosting is the ultimate solution to your problem. Contact us today