CDS Global Cloud Recommends V-IEPL

Small and medium enterprises with offices in China who need a secure, reliable, yet cost-effective connection between China and one or more locations anywhere in the world should consider V-IEPL, as it is more reliable than VPN and more budget friendly than an international private line.

Starting from $500 per month, V-IEPL provides a reliable and secure connection from your office in China to anywhere in the world via our Global Private Network (GPN).

V-IEPL connects you

V-IEPL dynamically connects your office locations to satellite offices in China as a single, private network utilizing CDS’ GPN and IEPL technologies.

Benefits of V-IEPL

Fast, easy deployment

Flexible and easily expands as business needs grow

Lower capital and operational expenses

Highly reliable

Data encryption applicable


CDS currently offers V-IEPL services in over 16 data centers around the world including Beijing, Wuxi, GuangZhao, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions